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I’m currently a PhD student studying Ecological and Conservation genetics in the Eggert Lab at the University of Missouri- Columbia. You can always find out more about my research here at the Dung Diaries or at the Eggert Lab Page at the University of Missouri.

About Me

 My research interests broadly encompass several aspects of population genetics, ecology, ethology, conservation, and habitat management. My work is heavily influenced by computer programming and software and I frequently utilize Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Python programming language, R-Software Packages, QIIME, and overall population modeling in my research.

I am studying the genetics of the Asian elephant (Elephas maximus) in Laos PDR, a small landlocked country in southeast Asia. Populations of elephant here are very isolated from one another and I hope to determine their overall connectivity and  the effects of human growth and development on the species. Expanding from there, I hope to determine hotspot populations for conservation efforts and establish connectivity throughout Southeast Asia.

The overall goal of my research is to aid in Asian elephant conservation and management, reduce poaching for the illegal ivory trade, and combat human/elephant conflict zones.

I graduated from Southern Utah University with a B.S. in Biology and a Minor in Chemistry in early 2015. As an undergrad, I worked with Dr. Laurie Mauger on the mating structure of American crocodile (Crocodylus acutus) in Costa Rica. Yes, you read that right, American Crocs, not alligators. Facebook-20150824-033058

During that time, I was also a wildlife technician with the US Forest Service at Dixie National Forest monitoring forest indicator and threatened/endangered species, such as the Northern Goshawk (Accipiter gentilis), Mexican spotted owl (Strix occidentalis lucida) and the ever so popular Utah prairie dog (Cynomys parvidens).

When not in the lab or in the field, I am happy at home with my husband Spencer and our three spoiled rotten kids dogs; the terror twins; Mi Amore (Mia), & Häagen-Dazs (Hogan), and the old man, Mr. Skipper-doodle. While Skip is long since retired, Hogan is working toward his therapy dog license and Mia is becoming a working agility and hunting dog. (Rescue dogs rule). I also help to run a Pit Bull Rescue called ARFF MO in Mid-Missouri. The rescue specializes in challenging breed discrimination laws (BSL) using DNA evidence, showing that you can’t determine dog breed using morphological characteristics.




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