Elephant Books

While scientific literature can get pretty heavy at times [even for researchers and PhD students] those studying Elephants are fortunate to have several gifted authors to read from. These books are classics, and many are actually very affordable from amazon.

So if you want to learn about elephants and enjoy a good read at the same time be sure to check out these books!


Elephant Memories – Cynthia Moss was one of the first working alongside the longest elephant behavior study (still going on today) in Amboseli National Park in Kenya. Her and her colleagues set the bar for Elephant behavior. In this novel, she describes her beloved elephant families (she focused on female heards while Joyce Poole, below, described male behavior). Trust me you might tear up a time or two.


Coming of Age with Elephants – Joyce Poole is a fantastic elephant expert and researcher who studied the now famous Amboseli African Elephants in Kenya. While very similar to Cythia Moss’ novels also depicting the Amboseli elephants, Joyce Poole specialized in the big bad “musth” males and in this novel depicts her close calls and tender moments with these massive animals.


Beyond Words – This best selling novel doesn’t just focus on Elephants, it dives into the mind of several primarily social animals including wolves, birds, and whales and how their behavior demonstrates a huge capacity for thought and interpretation of the world around them. He dives at the age old battle of are animals capable of conscious thought?


Silent Thunder: In the presence of Elephants – In this book, Katy Payne learns to speak elephant. Really, Elephants are capable of infrasonic communication – producing sounds much lower than the human ear can hear. With the help of her fellow researchers (Joyce Poole makes an appearance as well), she learns to interpret the elephant language.


Did I miss a must have read? Let me know below!


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