All is Quiet on the Ele-front

Its been pretty quiet around here for quite some time now but I can update you on it none the less.

Its grant writing season! Seriously though. I feel like every single grant is either due in March or November. The lucky part of this though is that I belong to the less than 1% of graduate students who actually enjoys writing! I’m pretty sure the other grad students hate me for it.

On the research side of life. Our samples out of Nam Kading were well…. crap. Both literally and figuratively. They were heavily degraded, making DNA work nearly impossible. I’ve been lucky enough to be pulling some heavily degraded MtDNA (Mitochondrial) out of it but even that I’m only have about 60% success getting to amplify.

So although I’m still running around like a chicken with its head cut off and I feel like there is never enough hours in the day, somehow I’m not getting anywhere.

In the infamous words of a friend of mine Jacob Washburn,

“Getting a PhD is a time paradox. Somehow there are never enough hours in the day and yet simultaneously the 5 years it takes are forever away”


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